What Do the Best Salespeople Do?

In the world of sales, acquiring a customer can be an arduous task. Building relationships, fostering rapport, and gaining trust takes considerable effort, time, and a set of specialized skills. Yet, the true essence of selling extends far beyond the moment a customer signs on the dotted line. In fact, that’s when the real work begins. The best salespeople understand this and are dedicated to ensuring their customers’ satisfaction. In this blog post, we will delve into the vital post-sale responsibilities that set the best salespeople apart.

The Problem with Salespeople

It’s no secret that the perception of salespeople is often marred by a common stereotype – that they are solely concerned about closing deals and not much else. In fact, a staggering 90% of buyers report that their biggest problem with salespeople is that they seem to disappear after the sale is made. This perception underscores the need for a transformative shift in the way sales professionals approach their role. Selling should not be reduced to a mere transaction, and it should certainly not end when the customer’s payment clears. True salesmanship goes beyond the cash register.

The Post-Sale Responsibilities

The best salespeople understand that their duty extends well beyond the point of sale. Here are some key post-sale responsibilities that set them apart:

1. **Ensuring Product Effectiveness**: It’s not enough to sell a product or service; the best salespeople are committed to ensuring that what they offer actually delivers on its promises. This means actively engaging with the customer after the sale to make sure they are achieving the desired results. 

2. **Offering Exceptional Customer Support**: Providing ongoing support is crucial. Customers should feel like they can turn to you with questions, concerns, or issues that may arise after the purchase. Exceptional customer support fosters trust and loyalty.

3. **Customer Education**: The best salespeople take it upon themselves to educate their customers about how to make the most out of their purchase. This can involve training, resources, or guidance to maximize the product’s value.

4. **Continuous Engagement**: Staying connected with the customer post-sale shows that you genuinely care about their success. Send them regular updates, useful content, and check in on their progress.

5. **Feedback Collection**: Encourage customers to provide feedback on their experience and the product itself. This feedback can be invaluable for improving your offerings and demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

6. **Resolving Issues Promptly**: If problems or issues arise, the best salespeople are quick to address them and find solutions. This proactive approach helps in maintaining a positive customer relationship.

7. **Building Advocates**: Delighted customers are your best advocates. When you go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction, they’re more likely to refer others to your business.

The Role of Customer Success

In today’s highly competitive market, customer success has emerged as a distinguishing criterion for the very top sales professionals. Customer success is more than a department within a company; it’s an attitude and commitment embraced by everyone involved in sales. The success of your customers should be a primary goal, not just a byproduct of making a sale.


In the world of sales, the best salespeople understand that their role extends far beyond closing deals. True selling begins after the customer pays, and it’s an ongoing commitment to ensuring the customer’s success. By actively participating in customer success, addressing their needs, and constantly striving to exceed their expectations, you’ll not only secure long-lasting customer relationships but also pave the way for your own success as a sales professional. Remember, the best salespeople are those who don’t disappear after they make a sale – they are the ones who stand by their customers every step of the way.

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