I have delivered over 10,000 hours of executive level sales and leadership training.

Some of the industries that I have worked with: Technology, FMCG, Insurance, Banking, Other financial services, SaaS, Luxury, HMO, PFA etc

Train Your Sales Team

Is your sales team struggling to meet revenue target? If they are all doing poorly they can’t possibly all desire failure. They probably lack the skill sets. Reach out and let me help them?

Train Your Leadership Team

Are you intending to raise the leadership acumen within your organization? Let me help you as I have helped Nigeria’s biggest corporations to raise future-ready leaders. Let me give your leaders

Don’t just take my word for it

Hear what some of my students have to say about the transformative impact of my trainings.

Training Option Who is it for? What would be the outcome?
Technology and B2B SaaS Sales Training
For sales people in technology intending to learn how to break
After training the participant would be able to sell technology solutions in a process-led fashion and deliver better sales performance
Effective Field Sales Execution
This is for outfield sales executives who need to become more efficient in their sales execution
This training would give you a guided approach to making your sales calls and empower participants with skills for effective territorial mapping
Route to Market and Modern Trade Management
Heads of Sales, Head of RTM and Regional Managers
RTM and Modern Trade Management are core FMCG and retail management training where you learn efficient strategies for distribution
B2B and Enterprise Sales Training
This training is specifically for B2B focused sales people who sell to enterprise-grade or large scale customers
Participants will learn how to effectively prospect large enterprises, how to navigate their way among enterprise buyers as well as how to align themselves with the approach of the buying committee. They will learn how to present and win the deals

Some of my leadership and service training interventions include

Training Option Who is it for? What would be the outcome?
Effective People Leadership Training
Chief Executives, Directors and middle level managers intending to grow
You will learn how to lead with a heart and inspire your team to dream more and do more
Executive Communication Skills and Personal Branding
For executives who would like to build their personal brands and improve on their communication skills
Participants will learn how to optimize their LinkedIn and create a formidable voice that projects them as the authority that they are

Change Your Sales Game

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