Excuses, Never Again

The easiest way to fail yourself today is to accept the very excuses that you give yourself.

The day my life changed was the day I parted with E-X-C-U-S-E-S.

See, Bunmi, the most useless thing in the world is “excuses”,

“Excuses are monuments of nothingness; they build bridges to nowhere. Those men who use this tool of incompetence seldom ever become anything of note”.

Now, here are a few of the excuses that 95% of people give themselves

One, I have no time. Wow! This is the best-believed lie in the world. If it is something that’s not valuable just say to yourself, “It is not worth my time”. But if this is supposed to be something that your future and life needs to become better it is your duty to go find the time for it. People watch 3hours of TV a day on the average and still claim they have no time. Come on!

The second one is “I have no money”. This is not just an excuse it is a lie told to yourself and it will continue to be true so long as you believe it. I can’t even help you in “unbelieving” it. The funniest thing is that those who give the excuse of having no money for important things believe that excuse and then go to sleep. The approach of a man who does not give excuse would be to take the lack of resources as an indication that he earns too little and go to work in finding additional sources of income. But no, if you have a waiting excuse you can’t find an alternative way.

The third one is “The economy is hard”. See Bunmi, the worst times for this economy was the last three years; specifically 2016 & 2017. I had a major auto dealer share an interesting story with us in one of our trainings few months ago. He sells brand new cars and the average cost before the recession was N3-4M. As soon as the dollar went up cost per vehicle became N5-6M. This is supposed to half the number of persons who can afford what they sell right? But guess what, they sold twice as much they used to sell in the two terrible years of recession 2016 & 2017. First person account Bunmi.

You see now? You can’t be excusing your financial underperformance and find the courage to execute to target. No. excuses destroy the other way, the alternative way.

Another one is “I will do it tomorrow”. Those who said this one in 1960 are still waiting for tomorrow to come because tomorrow is a myth. See, you may not finish it today, but by all means start a little bit of it

Today, drop your excuses.

The last of the excuses you must drop today is “I will attend the Business Growth Boot Camp next time”. If you have not started your business at all and have been postponing it for years, this is the impetus you need to start. If you have a growing business that’s snarling this is what you need.

You see, growing a business in 2017 is much different from growing a business just 2 years ago. The rules of the market have changed. Insanity is doing the same the same way and expecting a different result. If 2019 will be different for you, you need a new approach to business.

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