You will first be a butt of jokes

Did you know that everyone who has a big amazing dream is first derided and then celebrated?

If you are aspiring to anything of worth; you MUST first be a butt of very derisive jokes and then you’d be an unbelievable MIRACLE.

But I like to remind you this Monday morning that success only shows up for those who consistently show up for their dreams.

If you want a better deal for your life the only proof is in the details of how you live each day. It is each day that sums up to each month.

If you consistently show up day-in-day out for your dream failure is IMPOSSIBLE. Success is inevitable

While they laugh saying it is a lousy wish keep working your dream. They will be awed in the end. You will be vindicated by your resulst.

, I am routing for you. I genuinely believe in you. That dream you have is possible. But ONLY YOU CAN PROVE IT TO THE WORLD.

Tomorrow, I will be sending you an execution formula for yearend success.

Don’t forget,

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